Turf Club to upgrade Cassada Gardens facility

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The Antigua Turf Club (ATC) has employed the services of international race track design and consulting firm, Futura Tracks LLC, as it moves toward the eventual erection of an international facility on island.

The president of the club, Neil Cochrane, revealed on Tuesday that the ATC has already made contact with the company, which is based in California.

“They are very experienced race track designers and builders and that’s inclusive of surface and everything. They also supply harrows (an implement used for breaking up and smoothing out the surface of the soil). They supply water trucks, they supply rails in both aluminum and PVC and everything to construct a race track. So we are looking to have a complete development plan for the Cassada Gardens Race Track before the middle of this year,” he said. 

According to Cochrane, Richard Tedesco, a consultant with Futura Tracks, is slated to arrive here around mid-February at which time a number of tests will be done on the surface at the Cassada Gardens Race Track.

“We will be sending a sample of the current racing surface that we have at Cassada Gardens for them to do the soil testing, so he is going to come armed with some knowledge of the racing surface and the deficiencies of the same,” he said.


The next meet for the Cassada Gardens Race Track is slated for January 29. 

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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