Tryum’s president resigns amidst importation debate

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Well-known football administrator, Keithroy Black, has parted ways with Premier Division club, Tryum FC.
Black, who vied for the football association’s top spot in 2017 but lost to incumbent Everton “Batow” Gonsalves, explained that he took the action after a decision he made to forgo the importation of players for the 2018/19 domestic season did not sit well with other members of the club’s executive.
“I made it clear that if we were going to continue with the paying of players and the importing of players and so on that I would have nothing to do with that because I just think that it is too much. It’s very stressful and it has pushed aside a lot of our young players from the community of Cashew Hill, Bathlodge, Martin’s Village, Ottos and Bendals areas that would have come around and be part of the club and in terms of the development and growth of the club, it has slowed that growth,” he said.
According to Black, upon review of the 2017/18 competition and the amount of monies expended on the employing of players, he felt it would have been wiser to spend those funds in other important areas.
“For two years we would have spent a lot of money on trying to win $20,000 and when you have clubs spending $100,000 plus, it is tough and my views on that and I’ve said to them [Tryum] in no uncertain terms, that we need to start developing our young players even if it means taking one of two of these young players overseas for development,” the administrator said.
“At present, I am speaking to a gentleman from Trinidad and he will be coming to Antigua shortly in terms of looking for players for scholarships and when you start to pay players, in terms of them going off to college and so on then that’s a problem,” he added. 
Black, who was also president of the Old Road FC for a number of years, criticised some players for their laidback attitude towards activities outside of game day.
“If you want to have a fundraiser, if you want to have a coming together, if something happens within the community then these players will not be part of it. We’ve had two situations so far as the sponsors are concerned and the players were no shows and the sponsor is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on your club but when time comes for you to be part of an event your sponsor is having you’re a no-show and this can’t continue, it’s wrong,” he said.
As for what now? Black said he will stay away from the administration aspect of the game for a bit despite calls from a number of clubs following news of his split with Tryum.

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