Trio accused of stealing jewellery and electronics

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A teenager and two of his older friends were charged this week after a Creekside homeowner reported several thousand dollars worth in jewellery and electronics were stolen from his home during a recent break-in.
Lawmen found some of the items in the possession of two of the three accused, while the other allegedly admitted to playing a role in the crime. The 17-year-old male of Cashew Hill who cannot be named, along with 22-yearold Juran James also of Cashew Hill, and 22-year-old Jahroy Ryan of Greenbay Hill, have been jointly accused of breaking into the dwelling house of Miguel Lewis of Creekside and stealing a black PS4 video game system worth $1,100, two PS4 controllers valued $400, three play station game CDs worth $360, three pairs of gold earrings valued $900, a gold wedding ring with diamond valued $810, two gold chains valued $600, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone valued $900 and a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone worth $600.
They’re accused of committing this offence between November 27 and December 9 this year. Ryan was further charged separately with house breaking and larceny of the PS4 video game system, the controllers and two of the three play station CDs. James faces a second charge of receiving the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone. The trio is due to appear in court this week

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