Trinidadian court told that man was lured to his death by ex-girlfriend

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According to CANA a Trinidadian man fatally stabbed during an ambush 13 years ago was lured to his death by a former girlfriend, the Supreme Court was told as two people went on trial her for his murder.

The body of Marcus Gibbings, a 32-year-old communications firm worker, was found at an apartment on Derwent Lane in Devonshire parish on October 26, 2006.

Katrina Burgess and Cleveland Rogers are charged with the premeditated murder of Gibbings. The pair, said to be half-siblings, deny the charge.

Prosecutor, Larry Mussenden, told jurors that Gibbings was the ex-boyfriend of  Burgess and that they had been involved in a relationship for “several years” and had lived together “in a few places”, including an apartment on Derwent Lane.

Mussenden said that on or about October 20, 2006, Gibbings moved out of the apartment and into another he had found earlier that month.

The prosecution said Gibbings was “lured” by Burgess to meet her at the apartment they had shared “to discuss some things” on the night of October 25, but that when he arrived there, Burgess was not at the apartment.

“When Marcus Gibbings went to 10 Derwent Lane, he met his death. He was ambushed and stabbed multiple times. He was found the next day, late morning, by some co-workers when he didn’t show up for work,” Mussenden told the court, adding that Burgess was in Hamilton with a friend on the night of the alleged murder.

“She stayed at work late, having some drinks with a friend,” Mussenden said, adding that Burgess and the friend then went for dinner and drinks in the city.

“We say that what she was doing was establishing an alibi, having lured Mr Gibbings back to the apartment where he was killed. We say that Cleveland Rogers was the man that ambushed him and stabbed him to death.”

Gibbings, a father of two and stepfather of one, worked at Hamilton communications firm CCS, as an engineer. He had lived in Bermuda for more than eight years.

The trial is continuing.

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