Trinidad police probe murder as children found inside house with decomposing bodies

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According to CANA, police in Trinidad are investigating the discovery of two children, including an eight month- old baby found in a house in south Trinidad with the decomposing bodies of three people, who were apparently shot and killed.

The police said that the children – the eight-month-old baby and his four-year-old sister – were found by their 21-year-old brother Vishad Mohamed who came to visit his family in Penal, in south Trinidad on Thursday.

He discovered the bodies of his parents – Wazir Mohammed, 57 and Shelly-Ann Ragoonanan, 39 – as well as his 46-year-old uncle, Nazir Mohammed. They had been shot to death.

The children were not harmed by the killers and the authorities say it is likely that the four year old had been taking care of the baby following the shootings that apparently occurred four days earlier.

Senior Superintendent Wayne Mohammed told reporters that Vishad who lives elsewhere came to check on his family as he was unable to make contact with them since Sunday.

Mohammed said Vishad met a locked gate when he arrived at the house. He called out to his parents and getting no answer jumped over the gate and while walking around the house saw a broken door on the side.

Inside he discovered the bodies of the three adults and nearby were his younger siblings playing. Vishad screams echoed throughout the village alerting neighbours who rushed out of their homes. Neighbours called the police.

Supt Mohammed said they found evidence that the three were shot to death but because of the advanced state of decomposition, it was difficult to say where they were shot and how many times.

He said no motive for the killings had been determined as yet.

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