Trinidad: ‘No money, no stick!’ Stick fighting semis called off

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( – The Arima Velodrome was set to be the gayelle that would determine the stick fighters who would move on to the finals in Moruga next week, but that not a stick was raised last night. 

Fighters were heard chanting, “No money, no stick!”  

According to reports, the stick-fighters downed their sticks in protest after not being paid for the preliminary round. Others indicate that the participants were unsatisfied with the prize money offered by the National Carnival Commission. 

Originally carded to begin at 7pm, the audience at the Velodrome held out until 11pm when it became clear that there would be no stick fighting. 

Irate patrons at the Velodrome demanded refunds for their $100 entrance fees which were given upon exit. 

A new date for the semi-finals has not yet been determined. 

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