Trinidad: Mother hides as son murdered ‘He was threatened in the past’

Celia Maxwell breaks down in tears as she recalls how her son Adisa Ogingea was killed at their home at June Street, Lisas Avenue, Couva, early yesterday. PHOTO: KRISTIAN DE SILVA

Hiding behind her closed bedroom door, Celia Maxwell listened as an intruder broke into her home and murdered her youngest son early yesterday morning.

When she finally crawled out of her room sometime later, Maxwell, 55, found her son Adisa Ogingea, alias Goaty, 34, lying dead in front of his bedroom door.

Interviewed yesterday, the distraught mother of eight said she woke up close to 2 am when her son’s killer broke down the front door to their apartment complex on June Street, Point Lisas.

She said Ogingea was the only one of her children that still lived with her. The others have homes of their own.

“What wake me up was when I hear the commotion with the breaking down of the door and then I hear the rumble tumble in the bedroom,” said Maxwell.

“By this time I was just walking up and down in the bedroom, praying for guidance to know what to do because I say I not going outside. I telling myself if I go outside I going to get kill because like they killing Disa in the back.”

Clutching her stomach and crying, Maxwell recalled her efforts to save herself but said she could do nothing to help her son, who was dead by the time she came outside.

“Next thing I get an inspiration to take the dressing table and drag it in front the door. A little while later I say not hearing nothing, I move the chest of drawers easy and slip mysel”

“I pull the door and all I could see on the ground was my son, lying dead, like when all the rumble tumble was going on he get shot on the bed and then he fight up the person until he reach outside.”

An autopsy was supposed to be done yesterday but Maxwell said she believes her son was shot nine times by his killer.

Ogingea was not employed as he was collecting public assistance after sustaining an injury to one of his hands about 18 months ago, his mother said.

Maxwell said Ogingea was threatened in the past following the murder of another resident of the area, Hayden “Ludo” Nero, who was killed on February 3 just opposite her apartment.

“The friends of ‘Ludo’, Disa used to lime with them and apparently now they had become bitter enemies. One week after (Ludo’s murder), he start to get a threat call. They used to call his friends and tell them to stay away from Disa.”

She said months after Ogingea confided in her but the threats were never reported to the police. She said last Wednesday she warned him about the threats coming around to haunt him.

“Last Wednesday I get a breakthrough. He was talking to me and I tell him even though the threats from February die away, he have to watch out for the rest of his life and he tell me don’t worry mammy.”

When he told her of the threats, Maxwell said she asked him whether he had been involved in any illegal activity.

“I asked him if he ever did any bad jobs. I tell him he could ask for forgiveness but he say ‘No mammy, I not in that I don’t know why they would be targetting me.’”

She believes that the threats may be linked to his death.

“That is what I find strange. I didn’t hear nothing, no talking, no screaming. That is why I say it have to be somebody that know what they doing and know the place to come in.”

She said too many youths were dying because they don’t listen to their parents.

“The youths not listening from the time they reach a certain age. You could come in God frame and they not hearing yuh.”