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Trinidad: Dead man’s dog leads police to his body


(Loop.tt) – The body of a 28-year-old man, who was reported missing on Friday, was found by his dog in an unmarked grave. 

The deceased was identified as Christian Harewood from Cameron Road, Petit Valley. 

He was last seen alive on January 17 while liming with friends along Cameron Road. 

That night he was seen entering a bushy area off the roadway with some men and explosions were heard. 

The men left the area without Harewood. 

Relatives made a report to West End Police on Monday, however, they claimed police never came, giving several excuses as Harewood was “known to them” for actions in his past. 

Last night Harewood’s dog left the house and went to an area behind a shed along the roadway. 

He had marked a spot however, no one paid attention to it as the shed was where Harewood used to lime ‘on the block’. 

It was not until 7am today, during daylight, when the dog returned to the spot that persons realized that the earth behind the shed had been disturbed. 

A search was done, and Harewood’s body was found under the earth. 

Police said Harewood suffered extensive injuries to his head and parts of his skull were missing. 

Officers of the Western Division and the Homicide Bureau are investigating. 



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