Trial postponed as murder accused falls ill

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Murder accused Steve “Crypto” Urlings Jr was rushed to hospital yesterday on day seven of his High Court trial.
Before midday, the defendant complained of feeling unwell, and indicated that he was experiencing severe pains on the left side of his body. Justice Iain Morley, with no objection from defence counsel and prosecution, sent the sick man to Mount St John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) for assessment.
The jury was retired and instructed not to draw any negative inference from 27-year-old Urlings being sent to hospital.
The crime scene visit that was scheduled to take place last night had to be pushed back for another time.
Meantime, Constable Jermaine Moore is expected to return to the stand today for his third day of testimony.
On his second day of giving evidence, Officer Moore continued to mark an aerial map of the route he drove when pursuing the man he believed to have murdered 19-year-old Albert “Pressure Man” Browne at Booby Alley, Point on September 1, 2014.
The officer further testified that based on information received from people in the area, he followed the suspect from Point to Clare Hall and at one point he and the suspect were facing each other.
“We looked straight at each other, he was about [seven feet] away and I observed him for about three to five seconds … There were streetlights and nothing was obstructing my view of him,” Moore testified.
Browne was killed just after 8 pm while at the popular liming spot for residents of the community and witnesses described a man matching Urlings’ description dressed in a white shirt, white three-quarter-length pants and a pair of sneakers, as he fled the scene.
The cross examination of the officer will only commence after the visit to the scene of the crime.
The defence was also served with an additional witness statement and the 12-member jury and two alternates were told that clarity will come once the new witness gives testimony in the trial.
Urlings, who has had no physical support of family and friends in the courtroom, is on his second bout of the same murder trial.
In February, the trial started and ended abruptly after several witnesses had been called.
Trial should resume today once Urlings is well enough to attend. The murder accused was given medication and released from hospital at 2:15 pm yesterday.

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