Trial into theft of EC$80K ‘box’ money continues Monday

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The trial of a man accused of playing a part in the theft of EC$80,000 from a savings ‘box’ held on behalf of Bolans residents continues on Monday.

Rohan Jarvis is said to be a co-conspirator to a plan to break into the home of a retired government worker and steal money she had set aside for three boxes she was running.

The case is a historic one as the country’s first ever trial without a jury. Justice Ann-Marie Smith is the sole adjudicator in the larceny matter.

The prosecution has closed its case and the matter is set to continue on Monday afternoon with Jarvis due to give his defence.

The passing of the 2021 Criminal Proceedings Act in May paved the way for judge-only trials to come into effect on June 1.

The legal change was to address a backlog in court cases caused by the Covid-19 pandemic – and to help with social distancing to curtail its spread.

Antigua and Barbuda is said to be the first OECS country to enact such legislation.

The Act has a two-year sunset clause, which allows the country to return to jury trials for matters currently earmarked for judge-alone hearings in 2023.

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