Transport Board mandates bus drivers to ‘dress properly’

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“Dress properly or go somewhere else to work,” is how Ishorne Caesar responded to drivers who are not happy with the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board’s decision to enforce a dress code.
Yesterday, Caesar, the supervisor of the Terminals Division, hand delivered memos to bus drivers informing them that with
immediate effect they will no longer be allowed to operate at the East Bus Terminal if they are not properly attired.
“Please be guided accordingly; with immediate effect no BUS driver will be allowed to operate at the East Bus Station without proper clothing attire! No short pants of any kind, no vest, no torn shirts, no torn pants and no slippers,” it stated.
The memo, that was copied to Hubert Jarvis, the manager of the Transport Board, and Keithroy Black, the president of the Antigua and Barbuda Bus Association, told the drivers what they should wear to gain access to the terminal.
It mandates that all operators of public service vehicles shall wear long pants, button up shirts and T-shirts, proper footwear, and that sandals are acceptable if equipped with a strap at the back. The drivers must also have their public service permits affixed to their attire at all times.
The regulations have angered some bus drivers who insisted that they are self-employed.
One driver said he should not be forced to wear closed shoes because they are uncomfortable when he wears them for extended hours.
But Caesar said the rules have been in place for 20 years. However, drivers, specifically at East Bust Station, are not adhering and he is not putting up with excuses.
“I am not making any jokes anymore. I am not taking any excuses. If they can’t come in the proper attire then I am going to lock them out; it is as simple as that. Public service transportation is governed by rules, bus and taxi drivers are ambassadors of Antigua and Barbuda, so they must be attired properly,” he told OBSERVER media.
He added that the memo that was circulated is in partnership with the bus association which is in full agreement.

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