Transport Board GM addresses concerns raised by license sticker shortage

The Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board is currently facing a sticker shortage.
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By Carlena Knight

[email protected]

Drivers who have not yet received their licensing stickers as can be assured that they can show their receipts if pulled over by police.

This is according to General Manager of the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board (ABTB), Hubert Jarvis who appeared on Monday’s Observer AM show in the wake of recent reports that the ABTB’s Licensing Unit has been unable to issue decals for a little over a week.

According to Jarvis, around 800 drivers have been processed but are awaiting the sticker which is usually placed on the windshield of vehicles, denoting their license status.

The dilemma, he said, rests with suppliers who have been having difficulties shipping the decals due to supply chain issues, despite the Transport having ordered the decals weeks in advance.

Despite the shortage, motorists are still being encouraged to get their vehicles licensed.

“I would like to encourage the public that they should continue to come to the Transport Board and license their vehicles because the vehicle will still be duly licensed and you will get your receipt; you will get also your inspection forms and you would be able to show those to, let’s say, the police. The police and traffic wardens have been advised so they would not interfere with you once you can show those two supporting documents,” Jarvis explained further.

He added that the matter will be addressed in short order, as the stickers are expected to arrive this week. There are also plans for the ABTB to begin producing its own stickers.  

The organisation will contact drivers who have been affected and will try its best to alleviate any inconvenience.

Nevertheless, the Transport Board’s GM issued a public apology to all the motorists who have been affected thus far.

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