Trainer: Don’t underestimate Scrumpum

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Thoroughbred Scrumpum is going to be difficult to beat and all wishing to dethrone him must first go back to the drawing board and rethink their strategy.
This is according to the horse’s trainer, Devon O’Garro, who said too many of his competitors are taking the animal for granted.
“I think some people out there are taking him for granted, so what it does is make my work a bit easier. If they do their homework on the other horses and Scrumpum, they would see it is not going to be easy for them to beat him. They would have to do a lot better based on the times he has run in the past and the other horses in the race and the times he has run. They cannot come with that performance and beat the Scrumpum unless something goes wrong,” he said.
Scrumpum emerged victorious in the feature race of Sunday’s post Valentine Meet held at the Cassada Gardens Race Track.
The thoroughbred outclassed Big Deal and Serpent to win his fifth race after emerging on the scene in 2017.
O’Garro said he was disappointed at the level of competition.
“We really wanted to see one of the horses, like First Lady or the others go up front and set a pace for Scrumpum to go after, but it was quite easy for him the way it turned out. If you notice, my jockey was looking from left to right, looking for the horse to come and looking for them to run on to make it more interesting,” the trainer said.
In other races on Sunday, Advance Credit took top honours in race number 7 while Queen of Hearts was victorious in race number 5.
Prince of Wadadli dominated race number 4, The Dan claimed race number 3, Ital was best in race number 2 and Lady Kaka took the day’s opening event.
The next meet is tentatively carded for March 11.

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