Touted Four Knights Academy Gets Boost

Former West Indies captains Sir Viv Richards (left) and Sir Richie Richardson (right) chat with CWI’s Nelecia Yates during a tour of the Coolidge Cricket Grounds as they formalize plans for the Four Knights Cricket Academy.
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By Neto Baptiste

The concept of the touted four knights’ cricket academy is taking shape following a tour of its proposed base at the Coolidge Cricket Ground.

This was revealed by former West Indies captain and one of the country’s four knighted cricketers, Sir Vivian Richards, who said recent events have placed some areas of the project into perspective.

“We [the four knights] had a tour of the facility the other day at Sticky Wicket [Coolidge Cricket Ground]. We were there with members of the board and folks who would have worked in that environment, so now that we have a clear idea that all has been pretty safe and sound in connection with who the property belongs to and the people we would be engaging with, so it’s just for us to see all the various aspects of that facility in itself that can be utilized,” he said.

Three of the four knighted former players, Sir Viv, Sir Richie Richardson and Sir Andy Roberts toured the Coolidge facility last week. The other knighted player, Sir Curtly Ambrose did not attend the “walkthrough” but is said to be in favour of utilizing the facility.

Sir Viv, who was speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show at the time, stopped short of predicting when the academy could be up and running, but was happy to see some form of progress.

“We are in progress of getting things done and at this stage promises can be broken and I am not going to make any [promises] at this point except to say that we are in full swing of the things we would like to see in place going forward,” the former cricketer said.

“Progress in COVID times, you may say that is not as good as the progress we would have had before but we are getting there just like everyone else, slowly,” he added.

The concept was first announced in 2014 by then sports minister, EP Chet Greene, but has suffered many setbacks. Recently, Minister of Sports, Daryll Matthew, announced that the government and Cricket West Indies (CWI) would partner in ensuring the venture is a success.

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