Tourism Authority Chairman awarded Doctorate in Business Administration

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Dr Lorraine Headley-Raeburn was awarded the Doctorate in Business Administration in December 2020 from the Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management, University of the West Indies. 

Her research focused on how companies, particularly those in the hospitality industry, can use customer perspectives and feedback to boost the quality of their services and products, especially given the extensive use of online customer feedback mechanisms such as TripAdvisor and the growing influence of the voice of the customer. 

Her study adds to the body of work such that organizations can improve their marketplace identity and customer reputation, derive insight driven strategic objectives, and more ably utilize their strategic resources for competitive gain while enhancing both customer and stakeholder satisfaction. 

Her research also highlighted the fact that broad diversity matters at all levels of the organization and even more so at the governance and executive level, particularly in the area of diversity of thought and perspectives.   

 “My research supported propositions that firms’ resource choices are driven by the social norms within the firm, industry and society plus the critical need for seamless integration of customer and

“I am looking forward to incorporating my research in helping organisations embrace new and more diverse perspectives by decision makers, at both the employee, management and board level, to garner improved performance.” 

Dr. Headley-Raeburn has been the Chairperson of Antigua Commercial Bank since 2016, as well as Chairperson of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority since 2019, and is Co-founder and Director of Keyonna Beach Resort in Antigua established in 2011.

She also previously served as Director General of Tourism for Antigua and Barbuda. 

Dr Headley-Raeburn was born and raised in the UK where she obtained her first degree in Mathematics and Economics from Girton College, Cambridge University, continuing her studies at the University of the West Indies where she completed a Masters Degree in Business Administration following her move to Antigua in the early 1990s. 

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