Top players to clash in Cool & Smooth Draughts Tournament

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President of the Antigua and Barbuda Draughts Association, Trevor Cranston (left) and tournament coordinator Barry Sebastian
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By Neto Baptiste

The country’s top draughts players are set for a showdown in the Antigua and Barbuda Draughts Association’s (ABDA) Cool & Smooth-sponsored Carnival Invitational Draughts Tournament, slated for July 24-29.

One such player is defending Seniors Division champion Marvin “Bruce” Gray, who believes he is a notch above the rest and will be difficult to beat.

“For me, I am more of a professional player, so where they may play it for fun or use it to just kill some time, I really take the game further than that and try to learn the principle of the game and use the game to really relax myself,” said.

Tournament director Barry Sebastian said the tournament will be played on a round-robin basis.

“The tournament is an invitational so even if you’re a non-member you can come and participate but unfortunately you’ll have to pay a non-member participation fee which is $25 and if you’re a member you’ll pay $20,” he said.

Meanwhile, president of the draughts association Trevor Cranston hinted that a number of the country’s top youth players will be on show during the tournament.

“Our last youth tournament was played in 2019 but we are re-introducing this youth tournament and you have some very young players. We have a very young girl by the name of Dashaunti Nathaniel and she attends the Pares Secondary School, and you have another young and talented guy who once attended the Greenbay Primary School but he is now attending the Ottos Comprehensive School in terms of Xaveek Toppin; this guy is talented,” he said.

The tournament will be held at the Pitch Bar and Restaurant on Wireless Road and will start 6pm each night.

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