Top female golfer said challenging male counterparts made her a better player

Kimesha Anthony plays a round of golf at Cedar Valley Golf Course. (Social media photo)
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By Neto Baptiste

Former Caribbean golf champion and national female golfer, Kimesha Anthony, said competing against men on the golf course made her a tougher competitor and a better golfer.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Anthony said she felt better competing against her male counterparts and that, in the end, it paid dividends when she faced-off against other females.

“That’s how I got better. I didn’t play with the females unless it’s a tournament, but on a regular, I would go and play with the guys because they are better, so I am trying to beat them so that would improve my game. I had to work hard in order to beat them, so it was a lot of practice,” she said.

Anthony, who led the sub-region’s charge in the women’s division of the Caribbean Golf Championships in Trinidad back in 2011, said the practice also transferred into success during her years at Columbus State University.

“They thought I was just a random golfer, or that I couldn’t play golf, but then they found out that hey, she could play golf and they couldn’t beat me for sure, and it’s not being cocky or anything like that, I just went out and I played my game and they saw the difference so I was the better player on the team,” she said.

The national golfer said she took a break from the game but expects to return to competition in the near future.

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