Toddler’s mother no longer comatose

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The mother of three-year-old Jadianne Spencer is now conscious and responding well, according to her uncle Inspector Frankie Thomas, who is also the police’s public relations officer.
Spencer died on Monday after a car ploughed into her, her mother Honora Thomas, 29,  and an aunt Carol Richards, 29, while they were walking in Johnson’s Point at approximately 4 pm.
Inspector Thomas who is Spencer’s great-uncle, said the child’s mother was only informed yesterday morning that her only offspring had died.
“She is aware of the situation. The sad news was broken to her early [yesterday] morning and she is now coming to grips with it. So too are the family members of the child and [we] on her side. She is calm, stable, conscious and very aware and she is asking questions,” the police officer said.
He said the 29-year-old was placed in a medically induced coma following the tragic accident over the Carnival weekend.
Honora suffered broken legs, pelvis and shoulder and was admitted to Mount St John’s Medical Centre in stable, but critical condition, the police said earlier.
Richards meanwhile suffered a broken leg and lacerations to the head and remained in hospital, at the time of the interview with our newsroom.
Yesterday, lawmen confirmed the matter is still under investigation and that the driver of the white Toyota Corolla, Regino Nicholas of Cades Bay, had not been charged with any traffic offences.
According to police, 20-year-old Nicholas claimed that he was travelling southbound in Johnson’s Point near the public health centre at approximately 3:50 pm, when his vehicle dropped into a pothole, causing his steering wheel to lock.
He said the car then veered into the pedestrians who were walking on the same side of the main road.

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