Toddler in road crossing accident celebrates birthday in hospital

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By Tameika Malone
[email protected]
Celebrating her fifth birthday in the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre on Sunday, Faith Laville wore the biggest smile as she enjoyed being pampered on that special day.
However, her mother Vanessa Laville has disclosed that behind her youngest daughter’s infectious smile, the toddler has experienced many bad days when she cries for extended periods since her October 5 traffic accident.
The mother also disclosed that she has started preparing the toddler to face a world of probing questions about the likely scars to her left leg.
“As a mother and a woman, I know how people in society can make you have low self-esteem and I know people can be very cruel. So, I’ve tried to tell her that because she will have a scar and it will be noticeable, she is going to have to face people and children who will ask. I’m preparing her for that,” Vanessa told OBSERVER media yesterday.
Reminiscing on one of Faith’s better days since she was struck and dragged under a car while crossing Independence Drive with her two older sisters after school, Vanessa said the Mary E Pigott Primary School kindergartner was excited on her birthday when she spent time with Miss Antigua and Barbuda 2017 who paid her a visit.
“She was so happy, the queen came and gave her stuff, she tried on the crown and she was telling her she doesn’t know how they wear the crown because it is so heavy. She had a big conversation with her,” Vanessa recounted.
Vanessa added that Faith still has a long way to go. According to her, she has already been told a discharge date from the hospital will not be any time in the near future.
“She cries a lot and is miserable on her bad days. She knows what is going on and we just have to wait,” Vanessa added.
Forty-seven-year-old Virgin Bougouneau, of Potters, was charged with dangerous driving, for striking the child who was walking on a pedestrian crossing.

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