Toddler in care of family after mother’s tragedy

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The three year old boy whose mother was found dead along with her ex partner in Liberta/English Harbour area, is now out of hospital.
The child, Alanzo Jones, was found on the scene on Friday, three days after he and his mother Latoya Craig, allegedly left home with Bharat Kumar to go to a house in English
Harbour, reportedly to clean it.
Craig and Kumar were found hanging at the property a day after her mother reported her and the child missing.
The family became worried after they had not heard from nor seen Craig since she told them she was going out with her ex.
When lawmen ventured to the property located on a hill top in a secluded area, they found the child dehydrated and frail.
He was taken to hospital for treatment and a relative confirmed he was released on Monday.
The child did not sustain any life threatening injuries.
He’s now in the care of relatives.

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