TN Kirnon library shored up by Mill Reef Fund

As part of its community outreach programme, the Mill Reef Fund donated 1,056 books to the library of T N Kirnon School.

Incoming chairperson of the committee Musette Morgan said that the books were selected based on the needs of the school to enhance existing programmes and promote literacy in the country.

“The vision is that we thought that it was important to have books in every school and communities for the students to actually take out and read but more so be organised at school so that the community could benefit from having reference books as well as literature for children,” Morgan said yesterday.

Trustee of the group Barrie Pickering added that the books would cover all the subjects on the school’s curriculum as well as leisure reading.

“The books cover all the subject matters like fantasy and science, beginning counting, fiction, classic, geography and reference material,” Pickering said.

“My focus has been remedial reading. We have sponsored a number of initiatives using computer technology to enhance reading competency in the lower grades and our feeling is that if you do not master reading at the basic level, the student would have trouble as the curriculum gets more difficult into the other grades.

The non-profit foundation in 2010 donated over 40,000 books to several government primary schools in Antigua & Barbuda.

The organisation has been in existence since 1950 and with annual financial assistance from the friends and members of Mill Reef Club. Since 1960, the association has donated over US $7 million towards community efforts.

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