‘Ticks’ relative questions promise to release his body

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A relative of deceased murder accused Dion “Ticks” Thomas, who died in jail in July 2012 while awaiting trial, is questioning how it could be possible that the government is ready to release the body for burial when the family has not been given the results of the toxicology tests.
Glenroy Farrell, Thomas’s uncle, said the family was promised the results of the tests since 2017 but to date have not heard from the authorities.
He also said that when the autopsy results came back some time ago, they were not shared with the family, who only heard on the news that he died of a heart attack.
“We are still awaiting on the toxicology report that ya’ll promised and ya’ll say ya’ll won’t release the body until you get that report. They must come forward with the report that Miss Walsh said we would have,” he said.
The retired policeman said Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh, who presided over the inquest, told the family that the body would not be released to the family for burial unless the toxicology results were ready.
Farrell said the family has never condoned Thomas’s [alleged] actions and they know what he [was accused of having done] was wrong.
At the same time, he said, the family wants to know what caused Thomas’s death while he was in custody at Her Majesty’s Prison when he suddenly fell ill and died.
He said while it is claimed that Thomas had a heart attack, others have said witchcraft played a part as well.
But the former constable has ruled out the latter.
“If it was witchcraft, none of them would be alive okay, none of them would be alive,” he added.
Thomas died in jail seven years ago while awaiting trial for the murder of gas station attendant Dorothy Prince, but his three accomplices were subsequently jailed.
Over the weekend, the Attorney General, Steadroy Benjamin, said the second autopsy results were back and the warrant for the release of the body was signed last week, thus paving the way for burial.
Thomas’s body has been on ice at the morgue at the privately owned Straffie’s Funeral home for seven years now.
Since he died in the custody of the state, the government said it would foot the bill. Benjamin said he should know the total cost by the end of today, Monday.

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