Tian to host music workshop

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Soca recording artist and reigning groovy monarch, Tian ‘Winterman’ Winter, plans to host a workshop that will expose participants to different aspects of the music industry.
“I’m planning a workshop in November,” Winter disclosed in an interview on OBSERVER AM yesterday.
“It’s a workshop for anybody who wants to pursue music in any form, whether it’s an audio engineer, producer, singer, etc. It’s a workshop to show you the how to, to help you hone your skills. If you don’t have the skills but would like to get into it, it’s a workshop to help you get into it,” Winter said.
He added that throughout his career there has been a lack of quality audio engineers on island. He said that this is the reason his songs are usually mixed and mastered outside of Antigua. He emphasised that he was not trying to be disrespectful to the local engineers but he doesn’t find the quality of work pleasing and therefore has to go searching elsewhere.
Winter also admitted that he is not satisfied with the current state of soca music in Antigua. He said he wants the artists, including himself, to do better. He said that it should not only be artists such as himself, Claudette Peters, Burning Flames, Ricardo Drue, Menace or Supa Mario who produce quality music but artists across the board should strive to do the same. He acknowledged the lack of quality music is one of the main reasons for the planned workshop.
As for the future of soca music, Winter said he is no psychic but the workshop will go far in securing a future that is bright. He said that he is doing his part and he knows of other artists who are doing likewise. According to him, young and upcoming artists such as Ge’Eve have shown that they are hungry. However, having the drive is not enough but it is also about having quality music that can compare to music from anywhere else around the world.
Winter also revealed that his transition into T shirt mas was prompted by his desire to expand his profile. He said that after he was disassociated with a particular mas troupe, he saw an opportunity to do his own thing and his supporters followed him. He proclaimed that the unique and awesome experience patrons received in its inaugural year, last year, led to over 2000 this year. He boasted that no other mas troupe has ever multiplied to that extent in that short space of time.
The defending groovy monarch said that preparations for this Sunday’s competition have been hectic since he has been doing so many other things such as performing and dealing with his mas troupe. He recognised that he could have others managing the mas troupe but because of his innate desire to set high standards he tends to do everything himself.
Winter concluded saying that after his career would have come to an end, he would like to be remembered as an upstanding person in society and for his great music.
The artist will be defending his groovy monarch title in the upcoming FLOWS party monarch competition at the Antigua Recreation Grounds on Sunday August 5. He will be coming up against six competitors.

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