Three youngsters create platform for up-and-coming artists

Founder of Interflect, Shantell Percival (Contributed)
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By Latrishka Thomas

A trio of young Antiguans is endeavouring to make household names of previously undiscovered writers, musicians, painters and local other artists.

In March, 20-year-old Shantell Percival, 22-year-old Johvahn Brodie, and 24-year-old Christal Percival launched what they dubbed ‘Interflect’.

Shantell told Observer that she and her other team members developed the platform as a means of rooting for the underdog.

“I’m not talking about the mainstream artists who are around Antigua, who are already established, who have their studios; I’m talking more about people who have the talent but have no way to express it or show it,” she explained.

She further shared that Interflect is “for creatives who do not get attention”.

The Renfrew Estate resident made the call for people who are interested in getting their work out in the public domain to visit or any of the group’s social media pages.

At present, Interflect is organising a contest called Jen Black and White photography competition, which has garnered many submissions.

Percival said that the goal is for Interflect to become an institute for budding artists.

Manager of Interflect, Christal Percival (Contributed)
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