Three men fined for leaving girlfriends’ homes during curfew. Meanwhile, 16 persons ticketed for social gathering on Sunday

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Three men now owe the state $500 each for breaching the country’s 8pm-5am curfew, while walking home from the homes of their respective girlfriends.

On September 18, in separate incidents, the police stopped one man on Hatton Main Road and two on Kentish Road, all travelling on foot from west to east after 1am.

When asked why they were outside during the curfew, they all said to the police, “I’m coming from my girlfriend’s house”.

The first accused chose not to explain himself any further to Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.

The second man said that his partner had searched his phone and found messages which made her angry. He therefore went to sit on the steps and smoke while she cooled off, but when he attempted to go back inside the door was locked.

He said that in an effort to avoid “drama” he decided to walk home.

The third curfew breaker said that he fell asleep at his girlfriend’s home because his “pressure was high”. When he woke up, he decided to take the short walk home since he had to go to work early that morning.

Their excuses, however, did not satisfy the court and they were all fined $500 which they must pay within two weeks or spend a month in Her Majesty’s Prison.

Meanwhile, an unlawful gathering at Barnacle Point on Sunday resulted in 16 people being ticketed by police for breaching Covid laws.

The revellers – who apparently dubbed themselves ‘Team Savage’ – were taken to the police station at around 4pm Sunday by officers responding to a tip-off.

They were arrested and ticketed for breaching social gathering restrictions, and Dangerous Infectious Disease Regulations.

These violations have prompted police to again caution the public against such unlawful practices “that not only expose them to the risks of contracting the virus but also help to spread it to other people”.

Under current state of emergency-related rules, no more than 10 people may gather at any one time.

With almost 1,000 active coronavirus cases, 14 Covid-related deaths this month alone and medical facilities fast becoming overwhelmed, government is anxious to arrest the spike to avoid further pressure on limited resources.

But tough new rules, such as mandating vaccines for public sector staff and schoolchildren aged 12 and above, have triggered a storm of protest from some.

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