Three children unscathed after fire at their home in Cooks Extension

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The quick thinking action of a teenager, coupled with the immediate response of the fire department to a report of a fire in Cooks Extension, on Tuesday, saved a family’s home from destruction.

Only one bedroom in the house, occupied by Constance Dyer and her children aged 15, 10 and two, was burnt and another area of the house was scorched.

A source in the fire department indicated that the cause of the fire has not yet been determined but added that the investigators have clues regarding what exactly happened.

The fire broke out in the two-bedroom house at about 1 pm while the children were at home, and their mother was at work, the fire source said.

Investigations have so far revealed that the eldest child was at a neighbour’s house when the 10-year-old rushed out of the family’s two-bedroom house and told them there was a fire in one of the bedrooms.

The 15-year-old rushed back to the house with her siblings and once she confirmed there was a fire, she called 911 and left the house.

No one was injured in the incident.

When OBSERVER media contacted the mother yesterday, she said she was still making a list of what was damaged before she could disclose the family’s needs.

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