Three Barbudans freed of wounding charge

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A wounding charge that was hanging over the heads of three Barbudans for six years has been dropped.

Just last month, Mitch DeSouza, his sister Shanice DeSouza, and their friend Shaquio Warner were put on trial for allegedly beating event promoter Yannick Beazer on the night of February 11 2017 at the Lyme Bar in Barbuda, during Beazer’s pre-Valentine show.

During the trial, witnesses claimed that Beazer tripped while trying to stop some men from jumping on the stage and came in contact with one of the defendants.

They said that a scuffle ensued and, at some point, Beazer was seen bleeding from his head.

Beazer too claimed to have fallen on Mitch while trying to get onto the stage to ask him and two others to come down.

He said Mitch grabbed a glass bottle so he quickly grabbed Mitch and held his hands down in something of a bear hug to avoid getting hit.

He said Shanice was the first to hit him with a bottle and later on Warner joined the fight and put him in a chokehold.

Beazer also said that sometime later, Mitch managed to hit him over the head with a bottle and he began to bleed.

But having not had enough evidence against Shanice, the prosecution dropped the charge against her before the end of the trial.

After the trial concluded, Justice Colin Williams decided that the evidence put forward wasn’t enough to convict the two men either.

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