Thirteen teams warming up for the 2010 ABVA local tournament

This volleyball season is going to be very interesting since the teams are focussed and hard at work with their preparation.

Da Squad did not like their standing in the exhibition so they said that they are coming stronger and will make their presence felt in the real tournament.

Jets are another female team that felt they did not play to their potential and have stated that the exhibition games were an eye-opener. They now realise that they have to raise the bar to another level in the official tournament so that their opponents can really feel what the Jets are really made of.

Paragons’ female squad thought they would have run through the exhibition games but got a rude awakening when Starz defeated them.

Lady Paragons admitted that they were overconfident because they felt that they were the best team and also the best-uniformed team during the exhibition games. Now they are fully reloaded and will be ready for the season.

On the other hand, the Starz club stated that they don’t have a lot to say, but they will be prepared for whosoever may come. The males said that they will let their passionate play on the court speak for them.

Thirteen teams confirmed their participation in the tournament. In the male division, there will be representation from Sharks, Assassin, Stoneville, N-Force, Paragons and the Regulators.

In the female department, Da Squad, Paragons, Renegade, Jets, Hispanic and Starz A & B teams have registered.

The highly anticipated 2010 Antigua & Barbuda Volleyball Association (ABVA) official league championship is just 9 days away. The season starts on February 13 at the ABVA indoor stadium.