Thieves continue rampage, single mom struggles to bounce back

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A single mother of two who depends on her business to make a living is lamenting how thieves put her out of business for nearly all of this week when, on Sunday, they stole almost all the liquor from her restaurant, the speaker box, and her laptop.

The shopkeeper, Wonda Habalar, said it was only yesterday that she was able to scrape some money together to get a few beers and “greens” so she could reopen with something to sell to her customers.

She said being out of business these past few days has been especially “hard” for her and her two children, since the business is the family’s only source of income.

The native of the Dominican Republic said she came to Antigua with the hope of building a better life for her family because she has a sick son and another child to feed.

“The thing was so bad when they take everything. Me close down for Monday to Thursday, four days me close … me son sick and me depend ‘pon that and me no do no other job. Me son is 16 years and he has head problem so it is expensive on me. It’s two children but me children no have no father because me husband dead,” she told OBSERVER media yesterday

The woman said the police responded on Monday to her report of the break-in at Maria Bar & Restaurant in Greenbay. According to her, she closed the shop at 8 pm on Sunday and awoke the next morning and found the doors had been broken off and all the beer, rum, and other liquor, as well as her computer and speaker – all valued over $5,000 – gone.

She said she did not hear any commotion in the yard when they thieves came, despite the shop being in the same yard as her house.

Since reporting the incident, the woman said the police have not reached out to her again, though they promised to return.

“When they come Monday and investigate, they no find nothing. Me left the thing just so because police no come back and me no go back either. The police no interested, police say he go come by me again and dem never come back for nothing. If the police no interested wha me can do, nobody can help me. I just got to keep on going,” she said.

Meanwhile, thieves also targeted R&R Hot Spot in recent days. The owner reported that the Perry Bay shop was broken into between Saturday night and Monday morning and the thieves made off with a quantity of beverages and frozen chicken.

The bandits got into the shop by breaking open a window.

Business owners were not the only targets this week, as drivers also fell victim just as they were the weekend prior.

In one incident, a Mount Pleasant resident who left his backpack in his bus at Campsite on Monday night, returned hours later to find the bag gone. To get to the bag, which contained several important documents, the thief or thieves broke the left front passenger window.

A Gunthropes man who left his US $600 Samsung Galaxy S8 in his pickup at Campsite, returned the next morning and discovered the left front passenger window had been broken and the phone, left between the two front seats, was gone.

Thieves also broke the window of a Seatons woman’s vehicle and stole her bank cards, Social Security and Medical Benefits cards, her driver’s licence and her voter ID card, along with other documents which she had left inside the car at Campsite over the weekend.

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