Thieves break into another church

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Thieves seem not to be sparing places of worship these days as the Golden Grove Church of Christ made the latest report of sacrilege to the police on Wednesday after the pastor disovered that several of the maintenance tools kept on the property were missing.

The bandits also stole the church’s laptop.

According to the pastor, the church was locked and secured at around 3 o’clock Tuesday afternoon and all the items inside. The theft was discovered at 2:00 p.m. the next day.

The items which were stolen from one room include a power saw, a power drill, a grinder, a screwdriver set, and $50 in cash. The tools were valued at $1,115.00

The perpetrator/s also damaged a door to the technician’s room in the building from which they stole an Apple Laptop worth $2,500.00

The kitchen door was also damaged but it appeared the intruder(s) still could not get the door open. The baptism room was also broken into and ransacked but nothing was stolen.

Just over a week ago, thieves broke into the Creekside Seventh-day Adventist Church and stole a compressor and two speakers worth $12,000.00

Earlier this year, the Villa Seventh-day Adventist Church was targeted on three occasions. The thieves carted off television sets, speakers, DVD players, tablecloths, floral arrangements and other items worth thousands of dollars.

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