Thief fined, ordered to compensate church

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The keenness of a resident and mechanical failure of the vehicle that was to be used to carry away stolen building materials from a church, led to the capture of a thief.
That’s what the High Court heard in the larceny case of Emanuel Remy who pleaded guilty in May but was sentenced on Monday.
He was caught at a Moravian Church on Utility Drive, waiting to cart off 99 lengths of steel from the site where a nursing home was being built back in February 2015.
Remy, a man in his 50s, was fined $1,500 which he has to pay by tomorrow or he will spend a year in jail.
Justice Keith Thom has also ordered the convict to pay the church $2,000 right away, for the value of the steel. He paid the money.
The court heard that between September 2014 and February 2015, Remy was seen going onto the construction site on several occasions, in the wee hours.
A number of times, building materials were stolen but no one had seen him leaving with anything.
On the morning of February 8, a resident in the area again saw him at the site with his bus and reported it to the police. When the police got to the Cassada Gardens location, he ran but was later caught.
He had already removed the lengths of steel from the site and was preparing to take them away, but his bus broke down.

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