They are going fast: PMites urged to get ‘Pride Hoodies’ before they’re all gone

2 0212 pms hoody
PMS student and designer of the PMS Pride logo displayed on the Pride Hoodies, Sophia Inshanali, proudly displays one of the hoodies up for sale. (Photo courtesy PMS)
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By Neto Baptiste 

Past and present students of the Princess Margaret School (PMS) are being urged to support the institution’s push to raise funds through the purchase of a PMS Pride Hoody.

The hot-selling item, which carries two different prices, can be ordered via the school and bear the PMS Pride logo designed by student, Sophia Inshanali.

One member of the school’s sports committee and faculty member, Robyn Joseph Nathaniel, said customers will have options when purchasing the item.

“We have grey, pink, black, white hoodies in the pull-overs and black in the zip-up ones, and if you want to customise and put your different colours, then that’s fine as well. It’s $85.00 for the pull-overs and $100.00 for the zip-up ones, and so we’ve launched that. Last year, we launched our Home of Champions campaign and it’s ongoing, because that’s where we live, we live at the home of champions, and so we have those t-shirts available,” she said. 

Principal, Colin Greene, implored those interested to order as soon as possible as proceeds will go to a worthy cause.

“People are ordering left, right and center because it’s a good feel. I saw a comment on Facebook where one of the past students was saying she feels like a child again, and the banter amongst them on Facebook is just as hot as the banter in school, so it’s a nice feeling and you’re supporting a worthy cause,” he said.

Anything we make from this goes primarily back into our programs, . . . and sometimes we support them better than national initiatives, and we are very proud of that where we are able to assists our students if they get injured. We may not be able to pay all of their bills, but we can assist even if it’s a small portion. If we can assist someone who is in need of spikes, slats and all those things, then we feel good about it, so this is where the funding goes back,” he added.

PMS is currently celebrating its annual sports week, which will climax with the staging of its “Homecoming 2023, the PMS Dynasty” track and field meet at the YASCO Sports Complex on February 15.

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