‘There’s Nowhere Else I Would Want To Represent’—Tyson

Tiger Tyson
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By Carlena Knight

International kite-boarder Tiger Tyson has revealed that he turned down the opportunity to represent another country in favour of Antigua and Barbuda.

Tyson, while speaking on the Good Morning JoJo Sports show on Friday, said that while he has dual citizenship with France he turned down the opportunity to represent the European nation a long time ago.

According to the 2018 junior sportsman of the year, despite the many opportunities he would have garnered representing France, he has no regrets and, in his heart, he is an Antiguan.

“I have mixed nationality and so it could have been possible but I decided a long time ago that I am not going to do that so, I mean, I am Antiguan, I feel Antiguan, like in my heart I am Antiguan.

“I have lived here my whole life, Antigua is home. I don’t think that I can represent another country. It just wouldn’t feel right despite having some more opportunities and support in countries like France but my priorities are just not that,” Tyson explained.  

Tyson, who is now back home in Antigua, just wrapped up an eventful competitive season.

In his most recent competition at the Caribbean Foiling Championships in St Martin last weekend, he finished second after losing his first-place spot following what was only his second accident for the year.

He was the defending champion at the time but had to settle for the silver medal in the pro division.

A week earlier, Tyson wrapped up his Kite Foil World Series campaign with a ninth-place finish in the final race of the series held in the Canary Islands, landing Antigua and Barbuda sixth overall in the competition.

That sixth-place finish was a commendable showing as Tyson made his return following an injury he sustained in October due to a collision with another athlete during a test run of the course, just a day before the scheduled start of the Formula Kite World Championships.

It is for those reasons why Tyson says it has been a “very intense” year.

“Very intense and productive year. Full of learning curves and experiences that made me a better person I think by putting me through various situations but over all a really positive year.

“I graduated from school first of all and, alongside that, I have been training this whole summer, just travelling everywhere to go to training camps and to competitions.

“I have really been making my biggest effort competing at every event just to increase my level, and luckily it’s been going well, I can see a big progression just from the beginning of this year ‘til now and I am in good spirits for this coming year as well,” Tyson added.

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