There has been no dialogue with Five Islands Football Club, president says

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By Neto Baptiste

President of the Five Islands Football Club and former national defender, Fernando Abraham, said there has been no dialogue with anyone in authority regarding the proposed relocation of the playing field utilised by the Richie Rich Five Islands football team.

However, speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Abraham said he is looking forward to the talks whenever they arise.

“There have been talks, but we haven’t had any sit down conversations to talk about the field about what we are going to do moving forward with the university. I am very much excited for the talks and I want to know exactly what their plans are and to see if it fits in with ours,” he said.

“There was a message sent that there should be a meeting between us and the authorities, but no dates have been set for that meeting, so I am still waiting for somebody to come back and tell me when it’s going to happen,” he added. 

It was announced in late August that the field, which is adjacent the newly opened University of the West Indies Five Islands Campus, could be relocated to make way for further development of the area in keeping with the requirements of the university.

Abraham is hoping that once talks commence, all involved would see the value of having the field remain in its current location.

“I am not really looking for another spot,” he said. “Five Islands is where we’re at and there is where we want to remain. It’s a situation where we can work together; it’s a nice area that we can develop a field that would be good enough for us as well as the university and the school that utilise this venue

Five Islands currently sit atop the Premier Division standings with seven points from their three outings. They are level with Sandals Inet Grenades on points, but boas a superior goal difference, a factor which put them ahead on the standings.

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