The Rotary Club of Antigua celebrates forty-nine years

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The Rotary Club of Antigua, a local service organisation, which brings together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian service, to advance goodwill and peace, commemorated its 49th anniversary yesterday.

In recognition of the milestone, the Club engaged in a number of activities to include: A service of Thanksgiving via Zoom, the launch of a mental health and suicide campaign, a media blitz day and several social media videos featuring members and the works of the Club.

President of the Rotary Club of Antigua, Joanna Spencer, reflected on the growth of the Club over the years and emphasised that the organisation remains committed to its mantra “Service Above Self.”

“The Club has grown in membership since the inception, and has truly evolved. There was a time when Rotary was seen as “an all-boys Club,” but now there has been a significant increase in the number of women who are a part of it. We also have a number of young people who have shown interest in the Club and are eager to sacrifice their time to give back to a wider cause. Our projects over the years have added value to lives across the island, whether directly or indirectly, and we continue to find innovative ways to make a positive impact on society, despite ongoing challenges with the Covid-19 pandemic,” Spencer explained.

President Spencer also thanked the membership of the Club for their continued dedication and service.

“It is the support and kind contribution of members that allows the Club to continue to do exceptional work in the society. I look forward to many more years of service and support to our wider society,” she added.

Assistant Governor, Evangeline Allen, extended greetings to the Club on behalf of the District 7030. She encouraged the Club to remain resilient, despite the challenging times, and to truly unite as a unit in further efforts to bring joy to humanity.

The Rotary Club of Antigua received its charter on September 10th 1972. The Club was sponsored by the Rotary Club of St. Kitts. Currently, there are 60 members in the Club.

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