The Rabbit Hole Family pitches in

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The Rabbit Hole Family positively impacted community development with its recent donation to the Golden Grove Primary School of 176 dry erase markers and 4 fans, with the support of Townhouse Furnishings.

In making the presentation to the school, president of the Rabbit Hole Family, Mr Dale Mercury, indicated that the members felt it important to donate to the school in the community where they live and socialize. He emphasised that their objective was to “remove the struggle of learning by contributing to a more comfortable learning environment.”

Mr Mercury noted that the membership desired that their first community donation be to a youth- centred project in recognition of the fact that young people are the future of the community, and by extension, the nation.  Continued positive national growth depends on our youth fulfilling their growth and having a bright future.

In accepting the donation, Principal Tamika Christian expressed thanks to the members of the Rabbit Hole Family.  She noted that the supplies were timely, highlighting the contribution of the fans to improved ventilation during the masked class sessions, and the teachers benefitting from the learning resources (markers) supplied.  She stated, “you could have chosen to do other things with your resources, we are grateful you choose Golden Grove Primary.” 

She wished the Rabbit Hole Family the very best in their future endeavours.

The RABBIT HOLE FAMILY is a social club formed in August 2020 mainly to raise funds to support a friend in need of medical care due to a vehicular accident. At that time, a group of friends that patronised the Rabbit Hole Bar & Restaurant in Golden Grove came together and organised a BBQ, giving the funds raised to assist the accident victim.

Due to the large public support, the group of friends decided to expand the objectives and goals of the group and to support the needy in the community, mainly the Golden Grove area. In-house fundraising activities were held throughout the last quarter of 2020.  The Group extends gratitude to Townhouse Furnishings for the corporate support.

The Rabbit Hole Family hopes to continue to offer support to the needy in the Golden Grove community and beyond in the near future.

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