The price for eggs could go up due to new packaging policies

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Consumers may soon have to pay more for eggs.
The Antigua & Barbuda Poultry Farmers Associations says the ban on Styrofoam egg boxes is likely to have this impact on the industry. This is because the alternative material costs more than two times than what they pay for Styrofoam which is no longer available at the main supplier.
A bale of Styrofoam costs 55 dollars while the replacement boxes will cost 125 dollars per bale.
The association says it has begun to review the production costs of its members and assures that it will try to keep the cost at a reasonable level.
However, it says it also has to ensure it maintains a margin of profit that is worthwhile for the farmers.
The association says it has written to the Environment Division requesting a meeting to discuss the immediate effects of the changing of the egg boxes.
However, it adds that it is yet to receive a written acknowledgement of receipt and a response to the request for a meeting.

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