The fight for the fisheries complex continues in Barbuda

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The Barbuda Council would have to wait a little while longer before police officers can vacate the Fisheries Complex.
Up to midday, the officers were still operating at the facility which the Barbudans say they need use to facilitate fishermen during the Lobster Season which officially started on Sunday.
Chairman of the Barbuda Council, Wade Burton spoke to OBSERVER media just before noon.

Chairman of the Barbuda Council, Wade Burton.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gaston Browne is advising the Barbuda Council and the law enforcement officers there to find an amicable solution to the use of the Fisheries Complex.
On Sunday, scores of Barbudans were engaged in a five-hour standoff with the police over access to the Fisheries Complex.
Browne says the Council and the Police officers should co-exist until an accommodation is found.
The prime minister says the situation in Barbuda could be resolved peacefully but it seems the Barbuda Council wants to wage a war with the police.

The prime minister said he gave instructions to the police to hand over the keys of the complex to the Barbuda Council.

Also weighing in on the matter is the opposition UPP which has condemned the action taken in Barbuda yesterday.
The UPP Leader Harold Lovell wants the police to reconsider any acts that might lead to physical conflict.

The Leader of the U.P.P says it appears that the government is trying to frustrate Barbudans for their loss at the recent polls.

Leader of the United Progressive Party Harold Lovell.

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