The DPP files notice to appeal dismissal of case against three former UPP ministers

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The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Anthony Armstrong is appealing Magistrate Conliffe Clarke’s decision to dismiss criminal charges against three opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) members in the bus case.
The DPP has filed six grounds of appeal in the case against UPP political leader Harold Lovell, UPP MP Wilmoth Daniel and former UPP MP Dr Jacqui Quinn.
On March 28 this year, Magistrate Clarke dismissed the case which was filed by the police in May 2016.
The criminal case is in relation to the three Daewoo buses worth a total of about $600,000. The buses were donated to the former UPP administration and it is alleged the then three politicians had them registered in their names and kept them for personal use while they were in public office.
The DPP, in his appeal against the dismissal of the case, said the magistrate acted outside the law and his authority when he raised questions about facts which were not for his consideration during the committal proceedings.
The DPP also contends that Magistrate Clarke again erred in law when he sought to determine whether the three accused politicians had the appropriate state of mind to commit the offences for which they were charged.
As part of the appeal, the DPP also said the Magistrate was wrong not to accept and consider photographs taken by a police photographer in relation to the case.
The DPP is asking the appellate court to set aside the dismissal and allow the committal so the fraud case against the UPP trio would be sent to the High Court for trial.
See a copy of the notice of appeal here.

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