The big momentum

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For those who are closely watching the unfolding of events leading up to the next general election, there can be no denying that the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) is on a roll with ‘the wind at its back.’

Over the past several months, indeed, even during the coronavirus pandemic, the party held car rallies and public engagements designed to keep the populace abreast of all the latest political developments in this country, and the plans that it had to effect meaningful change in the lives of Antiguans and Barbudans. Seems, after eight years in office, the incumbent Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) is bereft of ideas, stone-cold broke, and moribund in the discharge of its duties. All the government Members of Parliament appear to be sleepwalking, merely going through the motions of pretending that they care about their Constituents. Manifestly, they no longer have the zest and the enthusiasm for the election fight ahead. And in most cases, the electorate has written them off anyway, consigning them to the dustbin of history. Ask any five people on the roadways, and four of them will tell you that they cannot wait to see the backs of these losers in high places. Talk about disaffection!

Of course, a major reason for the somnolence on the part of the incumbency is that they have become so accustomed to doing nothing, that they now find it hard to summon the will and the wherewithal to get up off of their bloated derrieres.  Their speeches lack conviction. Listeners now yawn when they make their disingenuous pronouncements. Quite sad, their precipitous fall from grace.

Meanwhile, the UPP, has been busy promoting its many brilliant plans for the people of Antigua and Barbuda. They have solemnly promised to fix the broken Social Security Scheme, make the suffering LIAT workers whole, bring the cost of food and fuel down, do whatever it takes to make sure that Antiguans and Barbudans have a reliable supply of water, and so on and so forth. All the issues that have proven to be so very vexing to the good citizens of this fair State, will be addressed as a matter of urgency under a new UPP administration.

And don’t talk about the many new and progressive initiatives being put forward by the Party. For example, take a look if you will, at the Maintenance of Minors (MOM) program which is designed to ensure that no child is left behind on account of a deadbeat, incarcerated, ill or unemployed father. Too often, many of our children with so much potential, struggle enormously and are left behind on account of the fathers being unwilling or unable to provide the financial support that they need. The MOM will close that loophole. The mothers and the children will be provided for from a fund with an initial cash infusion of one million dollars, set up by the government. Mothers will be able to draw a monthly sum of money from that fund, until such time that the fathers are back on their feet. The fathers will replenish the fund until they catch up with their arrears.

So there they were yesterday evening at the Moravian Conference Centre in Cashew Hill – a raucous and ebullient gathering of the UPP faithful for a big General Council meeting. The excitement was palpable, with smiles and warm greetings all around. Clearly, there is a sense that we have seized the momentum, our message is resonating with the people, and, as former Prime Minister Dr Winston Baldwin Spencer is so very fond of saying, “WE HAVE THEM!” Indeed, we do! The ABLP is on its back foot, struggling to find a message that will ring true to the people. After all, they have made a virtue out of telling lies and breaking promises, and the people have become quite cynical. They have failed this country miserably, and whatever they do at this point will hardly suffice to save their pathetic behinds.

We urge the UPP to stay the course. This is no time to rest on their laurels. The people are sick and tired of the Labour Party. There is a wind of change a-blowing! Time to catch the breeze! Time for a breath of fresh air!

We salute the UPP on the staging of an enormously successful General Council meeting last evening, and if the excitement and passion displayed yesterday is any indication, the future of the United Progressive Party is bright. Talk about momentum! It is a beautiful thing!

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