Testing of Covid bracelets ‘successful’

Minister of Information Melford Nicholas (File photo)
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Field testing of the high-tech bracelets that will be used to track the movements of people in quarantine has been deemed a success.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas told Observer that the teams tasked with rolling out hundreds of the devices were now being assembled.

Final training is underway and the bracelets will be fully deployed by the end of the week, he said.

The first set of 200 bracelets has cost taxpayers US$30,000, government officials confirmed to Observer yesterday.

Nicholas said recently that the devices were a vital component in the fight against Covid-19, despite some controversy surrounding their use.

Government is poised to buy a further 300 of the bracelets that operate using a SIM card, similar to those used in cellphones.

 The devicessend an alert to authorities if the wearer ventures beyond a stipulated boundary. 

They are already in use in several countries around the world, from the Cayman Islands to Singapore.

Parliament is due to convene on December 15 to discuss the bracelets’ use and amend various Covid-related regulations.

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