Tennis Head Says No Hasty Return To Competition

President of the tennis association, Cordell Williams Sr (File photo)
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By Neto Baptiste

The Antigua and Barbuda Tennis Association (ABTA) is in no hurry to return to competition.

President of the body and former player, Cordell Williams Sr, made the disclosure during a recent interview, stating that coupled with the lengthy quarantine period and logistics involved in organising a tournament involving regional and or international players, it would be almost impossible to pull off a tournament before next year.

“Basically, you know that over the years, after our summer tour with our junior progrmme we pretty much start planning for the next year which is what is happening right now, so what is happening right now is that we have been given the permission to continue practice whereas our junior programme will continue while some of the senior players will play,” he said. 

His statement follows an announcement by Cabinet that associations could return to competition once their protocols are approved by the relevant governing bodies.

Williams said that for now, the association will focus on training and development.

“I have divided my players into two groups which is an A and a B group, so on a Saturday afternoon from 1:30 we will have the B players so eight players will come in with four coaches; so it is two players per coach and they will play a match with the best of three sets. When they leave, the A  players will come in from three until about 5:30 or until matches finish, and that’s how we have been keeping our players in form,” the tennis boss said.

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