Temporary location soon for Fiennes residents

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The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda has approved a plan to temporarily relocate residents of the Fiennes Institute to the Nurses Hostel building on Parliament Drive to make way for repairs to the facility which has been derelict for some time.
The Fiennes Institute is a government-operated medical facility, which provides care and accommodation for senior citizens, including those who are unable to look after themselves and those without familial support. Molwyn Joseph, minister of health, wellness and the environment, has disclosed that the repair work at the Fiennes Institute will be done in stages.
He explained that as one building is being demolished, residents from that wing would be transferred to the Nurses Hostel and returned after the construction of that particular section is completed.
He, however, pointed out that before this can happen, special accommodation would have to be put in place at the Nurses Hostel for the comfort and safety of the patients. “When you are dealing with elderly folks, you cannot take the chance of not making sure that everything is provided for them.
So, we have to look at the Nurses Hostel to make sure that it is physically secure,” the minister said. He said this will take a while as the government seeks to ensure that the transfer is seamless.

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