Teenager facing 13 charges remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison

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By Latrishka Thomas

Nineteen-year-old Ernest Wright, who has been slapped with 13 charges, will be spending time behind the ‘red gate’ of Her Majesty’s Prison pending the outcome of six different matters.

The alleged incidents span from June to October this year.

On June 6, Wright reportedly stole mirror worth $250 right off of a woman’s vehicle, severing some of the wires in the process.

Then on June 8, he is said to have driven a vehicle without a valid licence, without insurance, and without the consent of the car’s owner.

The Cooks Extension teen also reportedly beat an officer and escaped custody while he was being transferred from the Police Headquarters to Gray’s Farm Police Station.

On July 9, a woman reportedly secured her home and when she returned on July 13, she observed that the deadbolt had been pried open, her home ransacked and a refrigerator, juicer, grill, blender and other appliances missing. The missing items had a total value of $11,220.

She made a report to the police and the investigator, while monitoring the Buy Sell Trade Antigua page on Facebook, saw the defendant post a refrigerator which the victim identified as hers, under a different name.

Wright then allegedly stole a vehicle battery and weed whacker worth $3,150 in total, out of a vehicle in Golden Grove.

He also reportedly stole a handbag containing six passports and other important documents and personal items out of woman’s locked vehicle on October 5 after breaking the glass.

The items carry a total value of $,4090.

And while the defendant was a subject of interest to the police, he was reportedly spotted at a gas station driving a vehicle. He was followed by the police until he stopped the car and ran off.

The passenger and the vehicle were taken to the police station and upon further investigation it was reportedly found that he did not have a valid licence, or insurance, and did not have permission from the owner to drive the vehicle.

Wright is set to reappear in court on January 13, 2022..

Since one of his charges are indictable, the case will have to be dealt with by a High Court judge if there is enough evidence to commit the matter.

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