Teenager appeals to parents after attack by delinquent boys

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By Latrishka Thomas

At around 8:45 pm on Friday, during what appeared to be a major blackout across the island, 18-year-old Camryn Nixon said she was almost overpowered by 12 young boys who threatened to rob and rape her.

She is therefore calling on parents and the corresponding officials to be vigilant and keep a keen eye on children.

While recounting the incident, the young woman told OBSERVER media that while “there was an island wide blackout … I decided to sit by the front door because the place was extremely hot since no current was on, the a/c wasn’t on, the fan wasn’t on. I was by a girls’ home in Villa that my grandma and my aunt run. It’s by a Catholic church; it’s run by a Catholic facility so since by aunt wasn’t there, I was the one in charge.

“Three boys came in the yard. I said: ‘What are you all looking for?’ They didn’t answer. They went around the house. I didn’t even bother to go and walk behind them because I didn’t know what they had,” Nixon said.

She said that when the boys came back to the front of the yard, they threatened to stab her with scissors.

She continued: “They said, ‘Do you live here?’ I said yes. They said, ‘Whatever you have in the house we came for.’ So, I said there is nothing in the house for you all.”

Nixon said the young boys then used obscene language to convey that they were going to have sex with her and at that point she said she realized how serious the situation had become and even more so when nine more boys arrived.

Shockingly, she says, all of the 12 boys involved in this incident appeared to be below 12 years of age.

Not very long after, the power returned and the lights came on, causing the boys to flee, the 18-year-old girl said. But fortunately, she was able to subdue one of them who she then questioned on camera and posted on Facebook to discover his identity.

In the video, the young boy was seen crying on bended knee, begging for a second chance.

She further said that by 10pm the boy’s father became aware of the situation and arrived at the scene. But even as she, the boy and his father were discussing the incident, the other boys returned and began throwing stones at the house.

The young girl is reiterating the need for parents and guardians to take charge of their children by monitoring where they go, what they are doing, and with whom they associate so to prevent them from making a menace of themselves.

“They need to keep their kids under guidance and guide them down the right path because all of them are going down the wrong road and before they go in somebody else’s yard and get their life ended over foolishness and following bad company, it needs to stop,” she stated.

She also said she believes the government’s social services need to look into what goes on in the communities and why numerous children are left to do no good at their leisure. When asked about the police, Nixon said during the incident on Friday night she called the two police stations and the Criminal Investigations Department, to no avail.

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