Teen missing, father worried

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A missing teenage girl has left her father extremely concerned for her safety after she left the Sunshine Home for Girls without permission.
The father told OBSERVER media yesterday that Karara Charles, who is a key witness in an ongoing case, violated her curfew imposed by a magistrate and the home contacted the family on Sunday after the 15-year-old did not return to the facility on Saturday night.
The man also said that the teen’s mother reported the missing person case to the police, however, up to press time last night, the police had not sent any information to the media regarding the runaway teen.
“They have not been saying anything about it, they have not sent out any bulletin and you have to realise her life is at stake, she is a witness and I fear for her life, the fact is she is the key witness,” the worried father added.
The man said that the girl briefly made contact with her mother when she sent her a photo but, since then the teen’s cellphone appear to have been seemingly turned off.
“She was in the backseat of a brand new car, a black Valore, and then the phone went blank and she tried calling her and text her but she locked off the phone and then she put on her phone and the mother was texting her but she is not answering. I don’t know if she is [being] held captive or what,” he said.
The teen is described as  approximately five-feet-10-inches tall, light-skinned, has a low haircut and weighs approximately 125 pounds. Anyone with information can call 789 5461 or the nearest police station.
        OBSERVER media tried without success to contact the Strategic Communication Office of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

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