Teachers’ union makes plea for attempted murder charge to be reviewed

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The Antigua & Barbuda Union of Teachers (A&BUT) has made an impassioned appeal to the Royal Police of Antigua & Barbuda to review a charge of attempted murder levelled against an educator.
In a release to the media, yesterday, the A&BUT said it had investigated the incident which resulted in a 14-year-old student being rushed to hospital with a fractured skull, after he was reportedly struck with a stone thrown by 26-year-old physics teacher, Vendiz Charles.
“While the action was irresponsible, and while we respect and support the work and professionalism of the police, we strongly beg to disagree that there was any malice in the teacher’s action that would support the conclusion, that there was intent to murder that student or any other by the teacher in question,” the union said.
On January 24, Akeem Scotland was riding his bicycle on the school compound, after hours, when he was reportedly struck in the head with a stone. In a video posted on social media reportedly recorded by the teen’s friend, the student was riding on the corridor and came to a stop.
As the videographer got closer, the student had his head down with what appeared to be blood dripping from his head. The teacher in question was immediately seen rushing to the student’s aid.

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