Teacher’s union defends use of e-books

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The Antigua & Barbuda Union of Teachers (ABUT) has reaffirmed its position of the benefits of the use of e-books in the education sector.

In his State of the Union address during the ABUT’s Annual General Conference, union president Ashworth Azille reiterated that the effort to integrate the device’s use in the schools is ongoing.

“I will repeat my position where this is concerned and the union’s position around the table, that the e-book represents an excellent investment in education technology. However, there still continues to be quite a few knots that need to be undone.”

During his address, Azille commended the public for sharing their concerns about their children’s education and holding authority figures accountable.

“It is admirable that as a nation we seek to hold our public officials accountable and that in the broader discourse, we are viewing issues of transparency as being elements critical to good public service,” he said.

Despite this, he held view that the true issue with the e-books was not considered.

“I must warn, however, that on the fringes of all of those discussions, most if not all of the persons who are engaged and who are not teachers truly missed the issue of the e-book devices.”

Educators have been advised not to succumb to pressure, as the phase towards the move to make e-books fully operational in the education system may take some time.

“There are still teachers who are waiting because someone said they were coming back to take a look at their devices and they’re still sitting on their desks in the staff room in some instances unable to be powered


in some instances, unable to be updated.

“If we truly want to implement this policy, let us take our time and unbuckle the knots. Do not cave to public pressure, but let us do it and do it well,” Azille said.

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