TALES OUT OF SCHOOL: Lest we forget – History of TOR Memorial High School – Miss Ina Loving

Forty-three years! That is the length of time for which Miss Ina Loving, the teacher who succeeded Dame Nellie Robinson served the TOR School – 1950 to 1993! She served with such skill, determination and courage, that she even satisfied the expectation of her severest critics.

Few know of the sacrifices that she and Dame Nellie and all of the teachers have made to keep the doors of the school open.

In order to put the school on a solid foundation, she sought the help of Sidney Christian, a past student and eminent lawyer. He suggested that the ownership of the school be put in the hands of its past students, who would form a friendly society headed by a functioning Board of Management, which would ensure the continuity of the school.

He also got the government under the hands of then minister of education Bernard Percival, to agree to provide training to those teachers whose skills needed to be up-graded.

In 1993, Governor Dr James Beethoven Carlisle bestowed one of the nation’s highest award – the Order of Merit Gold, on her.

After Miss Loving’s death, in December 1996, the Board of Management realising that the school would not be able to remain at the location on High Street, launched a Building Fund Account at Antigua Commercial Bank. Foster Baynes, a board member, was the first person to make a contribution to the fund.

In 2004, the building on High Street was sold. The government leased the school’s Board of Management 2.5 acres of land at Paynters. The school is now located there in its own buildings at Nellie Robinson Street, Paynters.

The advantages of being at Paynters are

(a)          Out of downtown St John’s and its congestion

(b)         Lots of fresh air

(c)          Lots of playing space

(d)          Teachers will enjoy the large, spacious classrooms and comfortable staffroom.

Miss Loving was succeeded by Mrs Nathalie Hurst nee Francis, a former student of the school.

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