Take fake guns and police gear out of Carnival

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The Commissioner of Police has added his voice to those residents who have called for legislation to be passed that would ban the use of imitation law enforcement clothing and equipment from Carnival costumes.
Wendel Robinson’s comment followed concerns raised in some quarters after Insane Carnival Mas’ troupe’s presentation of SWAT during T-Shirt Mas’ on Saturday. The band’s members sported masks and fake handguns during the popular street parade.
“There are no laws restricting the mas’ troupe from using such paraphernalia for the parade [therefore I am] calling for such laws to be enacted to prevent this from happening,” Commissioner Robinson said during an exclusive interview with OBSERVER media, yesterday. He said that even though the legislation may not be enacted in time for this year’s 60th anniversary of carnival, it should be passed in the near future.
(More in Today’s Daily Observer)

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